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88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture
88741 Salvatori THE VILLAGE Sculpture

Salvatori • THE VILLAGE


Model Kore. Marble Travertino Chiaro. Designed by Patricia Urquiola. Salvatori edition. Made in Italy.

REF. 88741

W.12 x H.17 x D.12cm

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An homage to the delicate but majestic statues of Ancient Greece that depict young women on the cusp of adulthood.

Characterised by clean lines and a deceptively simple form. Made from travertine, an evocative and tactile material that epitomises the long tradition of natural stone in architecture and art.

At a glance, there is a feeling of the warmth and intimacy of a true home, expressed through this example of mini-architecture. 

The Village explores the concept of home within the context of today’s global society and reinterpret it through the medium of design, whilst addressing fundamental themes of contemporary living.

To recreate the rich and diverse structure of a typical village, a select group of designers from around the world was  invited to share their idea of home, each bringing their own inimitable combination of outlooking, culture and background. The result is a fascinating and wonderfully eclectic collection of miniature houses, that, like the global village we inhabit, reflect an extraordinary array of styles and approaches.

What links them, however, is the use of natural stone, that enduring and beloved material that has been used since time memorial to construct buildings, art and monuments that provide refuge and inspiration for mankind. 

Patricia Urquiola is an internationally-acclaimed designer, with a biography packed with stellar achievements and awards.

Patricia Urquiola studied architecture and design at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and completed her studies at the Politecnico di Milano where she graduated under the mentorship of Achille Castiglioni. 

In 2001 she founded her own studio where she specialised in industrial product design, architecture (hotel trade, retail, homes, exhibitions and installations), art direction and strategy consulting.

She has worked in some of the most prestigious design brands across the world, and her work is exhibited in many art and design museums across the world, including the MOMA in New York, the V&A Museum in London and the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris, just to name a few.

She has been named Designer of the Year by Wallpaper*, Elle Decor International, AD España and Architecktur und Wohnen among other magazines.

Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company specialising in natural stone, drawing on the very best of Made in Italy values and cutting-edge engineering and technological know-how, fusing old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Since 1946, Salvatori has worked closely with architects, designers and builders to provide not only practical support, but also inspiring new ways to work with stone which often challenge traditional thinking.

Whilst many of their products are the result of partnerships with internationally noted designers, what lies at the heart of all they do is a deep-rooted passion and respect for the inherent beauty of natural stone, and its defining characteristic: that no two pieces can ever be identical, meaning that every single product has its own unique history.

Salvatori’ head office is in Northern Tuscany, four kilometres from the coast and less than 30 minutes from the imposing quarries which are home to the famed Carrara marble. Every product is produced locally.

Innovation is entrenched in the DNA of the company. As early as in 1950 ,founder Guido Salvatori invented the Spaccatello finish, and the next generations continued this innovative story. Almost every machine used to create the exclusive textures for which they are known was invented by the now CEO Gabriele Salvatori and his father Alfredo.