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88192 Stilnovo SALISCENDI Suspension lamp


Suspension lamp

Glossy painted metal body. PMMA diffuser.Two-tone reflecting parabolic diffuser: white on the interior and painted with the same finish as the lamp body on the exterior. Handle for raising/lowering the metal lamp. Metal wire casing, acetal resin (POM) pulleys, black support cables/conductors. Design by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Stilnovo edition. Double topLED 33W dimmable light source. Energy efficiency class F.

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REF. 88192

Diam.63 x H.33,3cm
Electric wire 930cm

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In 1957, the Castiglioni duo began designing a light fixture for the Sala della Giunta in the Milan Chamber of Commerce building, one that served to concentrate the illumination overhead whilst also lighting the rest of the room at the same time.

For the realisation of such a complex project, the Castiglioni brothers turned to a company that, at the time, could transform their brilliant intuition into reality more than any other enterprise.

Hence how Bruno Gatta’s Stilnovo entered the field. Two unique copies were produced in 1958 by Stilnovo, but unfortunately, several impediments would prevent any further production of this complex device.

Welcome back, Saliscendi!

In 2019, the technicians at Stilnovo and heirs of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni redesigned the lamp with the aim of rendering it appealing to the market of today.

Renewed – yes – but still magnificent and even more technologically-advanced, today, the Saliscendi finally emerges as an adjustable dual-emission metal lamp re-engineered with dimmable LED light sources.

Working in the midst of the Italian design Renaissance of the 1950s and ’60s, brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni were dedicated to creating visually appealing, yet technically innovative designs. Their legacy is still felt today, as they are among the most celebrated designers of the 20th century—especially among diehard design lovers. 

Both brothers were keenly interested in experimenting with new materials and techniques for industrial production. Additionally, they were eager to find inspiration in the everyday, and, as such, they often worked with found objects and components.

Pier Giacomo unfortunately died early in 1968; Achille continued to work on his own until his own death in 2002. Today, many of the brothers’ designs are on display at museums and galleries around the world, including the V&A in London and the MoMA in New York. Over the course of their careers, they collectively received nine Compasso d´Oro awards.

Stilnovo is a brand that, since its foundation in 1946 by Bruno Gatta, has never ceased to fascinate, earning the admiration of historians, collectors and lovers of design thanks to its iconic collections and collaborations with the masters of design from the 1900s, such as BBPR, Joe Colombo, Angelo Mangiarotti, Ettore Sottsass, Marcello Pietrantoni, Roberto Lucci, Danilo and Corrado Aroldi.

In 1988, after decades of success, confirmed by the many lights displayed in the world’s most important design museums, Stilnovo went on a hiatus.

In 2019, the Linea Light Group – a global leader in LED lighting – acquires Stilnovo, with an ambitious goal: to revive one of the most important realities in the world of lighting, through a cultural process of re-issuing historical products and a coherent interpretation of its values – from the design of new collections to the renewal of the brand identity.

A legendary brand to which the most important names in design have contributed, today meets the cutting-edge technology and solidity of Linea Light Group.