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90538 Brite RASPERRY Nootropic drink
90538 Brite RASPERRY Nootropic drink
90538 Brite RASPERRY Nootropic drink
90538 Brite RASPERRY Nootropic drink


Nootropic drink

Lightly sparkling spring water, fruit juice concentrates (44%) (apple, raspberry, lemon), guarana extract, green tea extract, organic matcha tea, natural flavourings, natural caffeine."

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A nootropic focus beverage that combines caffeine and L-theanine, a unique blend that enhances alertness, concentration, and mental clarity while promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Brite is a 100% natural, slightly carbonated drink made from plants, with no added sugar, no sweeteners or preservatives. Its natural ingredients are GMO-free and sourced locally in Europe or from carefully selected organic producers.

Andrius Ratkevicius worked in a dynamic chemical engineering role and Simas Jarasunas excelled as a swimming champion and coach. Their professional responsibilities demanded acute concentration and mental acuity, yet they struggled to locate a wholesome alternative to coffee and energy drinks. The consumption of coffee and energy drinks led to restlessness and heightened anxiety, providing little relief from work-related stress.

This motivated them to explore solutions beyond caffeine-based drinks. Drawing from the insights of leading neuroscientists and collaborating with a nutritionist from University College London, they examined numerous possibilities. Through a rigorous process involving more than 50 iterations, they ultimately developed Brite. This innovative beverage stands as a superior and nourishing aid for enhancing focus. Leveraging the potential of nootropics, Brite delivers potent outcomes by enhancing cognitive functions.