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79800 Guzzini ENERGY Thermal bottle

Guzzini • ENERGY

Thermal bottle

Stainless still.

REF. 79800

Diam.7,3 x H.21,2cm
Capacity 500ml


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The 750 ml thermal bottle keeps your beverages at constant temperature: water, coffee, tea, infusions, milk, fruit juices and acid and fizzy drinks. In stainless steel with anti-slip bottom.

Tough and lightweight, with a leak-proof airtight seal that makes it drip-proof and a large mouth to simplify refilling with liquids, adding ice-cubes and cleaning.

It all began with the founder of the company, Enrico Guzzini, who drew on his experience abroad to give fresh impulse to an ancient craft: the creation of exquisite objects in ox horn.

In 1938, another Guzzini generation introduced Plexiglas into the manufacture of items for the home. Ever since then, Guzzini's history has been one of milestones in innovation.

In the fifties, Guzzini was the first company to start introducing plastic design objects for domestic use and manufacture acrylic two-coloured items using thermoforming technology.

In the early 60s the novelty was the injection molding of colored plastic materials for domestic use and in the next decades the first complete design tableware systems with coordinated colours and decorations were introduced.

Guzzini's production plant is at Recanati, Italy and it is here that it conducts research into functions and design, and innovative trials, carefully combining different materials to create lovely, durable, sustainable products.

It implement a two-level guarantee, covering both the origin of the materials and the controls made throughout the production chain.

It is certified by the Istituto Italiano Plastici (Italian Plastics Institute), which awards its MPI mark to certify that plastics are approved for contact with foods, providing consumers with the very best quality and safety standards. Guzzini's products are completely free from BPA (Bisphenol A).

The secret of the Guzzini family and the italian Marche region where is located can be summed up in a simple phrase: a job well done. That development continues, as Guzzini operate like a laboratory, researching and testing the materials, functions and tools of tomorrow, and researching solutions for a more natural economy. Learning, in other words, to do things even better.