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83357 Rizzoli Scott Mitchell Houses Coffee table book

Rizzoli • Scott Mitchell Houses

Coffee table book

Scott Mitchell Houses.
272 pages.

REF. 83357

W.26 x L.33,5 x D.3cm


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A stunning volume that gathers the California designer's most impressive works to date, from coastal sanctuaries to modern country farms.

A master of his genre, Scott Mitchell is celebrated for his warm approach to connecting the built and natural environment.

This book is a sublime exploration of the architectural designer's impressive portfolio of projects. Sought after for their minimalist, material-driven aesthetic, Mitchell's houses are studies in space, materiality, and light.

Emphasizing an elegant spatial order, his projects respond to the natural appeal of their locations, be they bucolic retreats on Long Island or resplendent beach houses overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Dynamic compositions of light and shadow with a masterful use of concrete, Mitchell's monolithic forms draw on the surrounding environment via floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto cinematic vistas.

When Rizzoli’s bookshop opened its doors in 1964, it was set on one of the most luxurious streets in the world, Fifth Avenue in New York, with iconic shops such as Tiffany's and Cartier as its neighbours. Its original location immediately demonstrated Rizzoli's ambition to establish itself as an icon of New York culture and luxury, a goal that was fulfilled almost immediately, and which was consolidated when in 1974 it began its activity as a publisher. 

Beautifully illustrated books on architecture, interior design, fashion, photography, haute cuisine and fine art made Rizzoli New York one of the world's leading publishers.