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83889 Nicolas Vahé NV Lemonade - Ginger & Lime

Nicolas Vahé • NV

Lemonade - Ginger & Lime

Sparkling water, sugar, acid (citric acid), natural aroma (lemon, lime, ginger).

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This refreshing lemonade with ginger and lime is an ideal beverage for a picnic.

Enjoy the lemonade ice-cold on a hot summer’s day or on a light and warm evening.

A Nicolas Vahé product provides an unusual experience when it comes to ingredients, packaging and flavor combinations. A surprising taste discovery, combining ingredients in an original and unprecedented way.

Ever since 2005, Nicolas Vahé's mission is to develop delicious products combining the highest quality ingredients, believing that it should be easy to eat tasty and healthy food every day. All food is sourced in Europe from the best local ingredients.

All items are developed in-house from its headquarters in Denmark, directly for kitchens around the world.