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87344 Nuove Forme EXTRUDED Vase H.30cm

Nuove Forme • EXTRUDED

Vase H.30cm


REF. 87344

Diam.15 x H.30cm

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This vase belongs to a period of technical and formal experimentation, when Alvino Bagni took the challenge of making new objects through the implementation of the extrusion technique.

The designer duo Simona Cardinetti and Christoph Schnug decided to revitalize these pieces from the Nuoveforme archive by means of the application of a new chromatic code that brings back the freshness and modernity of the original pieces.

The new color clothing that the two designers attributed to these objects contribute to underline the original expressive force of these shapes.

The history of Nuoveforme is intrinsically linked to the history of its founder, Alvino Bagni.

Born in a small village near Florence, he showed great aptitude for ceramics from an early age. He began his training first with the artist Torello Santini and then in the workshop of Arnaldo Pugi, who helped him finance his first workshop.

Ceramiche Bagni heavily relied on the work of family members. But over time, thanks to Bagni's artistic soul, which led him to take important orders throughout the 1950s and 60s, the growth of the company led him to change premises and surround himself with highly specialized artists, finding a perfect balance between materials, technique, functionality, aesthetics and experimentation, but never ceasing to actively participate in the creation of objects.

After a three-year interregnum, Alvino Bagni returns to work in 1993, opening his old premises as Nuoveforme, continuing to create new pieces until his retirement in 2001. Today, by the hand of Gianfranco Ghiretti and Alvino Bagni's granddaughter, Maria Chiara Ghiretti, Nuoveforme, as well as continuing to innovate, frequently consults its private archive of Bagni's designs for inspiration, producing entirely handmade ceramics for for major design companies and luxury brands across the world.