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88259 Volta KYOTO Mobile H.74cm
88259 Volta KYOTO Mobile H.74cm
88259 Volta KYOTO Mobile H.74cm
88259 Volta KYOTO Mobile H.74cm

Volta • KYOTO

Mobile H.74cm

Steel and aluminium.
Area exclusive edition.

REF. 88259

W.80 x H.74cm

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Red, peace and prosperity. White, purity and spirituality. Black, enlightenment and masculinity.

Widely present in the ancient temples of Nikko and Kyoto, inhabited by Shinto deities and their sacred objects, these three symbolic colors and what they represent were the source of inspiration for this exclusive Area + Volta collaboration.

Mounted on hand-bent steel rods, the blades are made from a high-quality aluminum alloy, twirling and floating with the wind and airflow. The steel base gives the set great stability.

Established in 2015 in Paris by brothers Otxo and Mario Conti, Volta Mobiles creates small kinetic sculptures, accessible works of art that explore movement and colour, inspired by the work of sculptor Alexander Calder and the colour studies of the De Stijl art movement.

In 2017, Volta Mobiles' workshop moves to the south of Barcelona, where each sculpture is made by hand, in reused metal, and is manufactured in a sustainable way. 

Part of the creative process of each sculptural model is the attribution of a name. Each sculptural model has its own story, which gives it a distinctive character.