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88750 Salvatori OMAGGIO A MORANDI Sculpture H.33,5cm
88750 Salvatori OMAGGIO A MORANDI Sculpture H.33,5cm
88750 Salvatori OMAGGIO A MORANDI Sculpture H.33,5cm
88750 Salvatori OMAGGIO A MORANDI Sculpture H.33,5cm


Sculpture H.33,5cm

Marble Cipollino. Designed by Elisa Ossino. Salvatori edition. Made in Italy.

REF. 88750

Diam.8,3 x H.33,5cm

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Although natural stone is a cold material, it can be transformed in a way that transmits warmth and soul.

This is particularly true of Omaggio a Morandi, a series of stone bottles inspired by the subtle, contemplative still life paintings by the Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. 

There is poetry in Giorgio Morandi’s still lifes. Indistinct and expressive, depicting utilitarian objects – glass bottles, porcelain jugs, pots and cups – the paintings prize atmosphere and impression over the painstaking intricacy that popularised still lifes in pastcenturies.

Carved from different natural stones, the series translates Morandi’s curiously expressive glass bottles, porcelain jugs, pots and cups from canvas into three dimensions, realising his singular vision in stone. 

Just as Morandi created an enduring and enigmatic beauty from the forms of prosaic, utilitarian objects he painted, so too do Salvatori’s craftsmen, from solid, impassive blocks of stone, cut their own considered, elegant interpretations of the artist’s work. It’s a feat that, despite the importance of high-tech equipment, can only be achieved with an intimate, instinctive understanding of the material.

Without the hand finishing you have an object that is still quite rough and generic, the hand finishing brings them refinement and tactility.

Elisa Ossino is a Sicilian-born, Milan-based designer and architect. Elisa studied at Politecnico di Milano, and in 2006, she founded Elisa Ossino Studio, focusing on residential and retail interiors, product design, art direction and set design.

Her work combines geometric abstraction, monochromes, metaphysical and surrealist references, creating a coherent and allusive relationship between light, objects and space.

In addition to her studio activity, Elisa Ossino pursues a host of other initiatives, that includes Nume, a childrens’ design brand, Officina Temporanea, a project that connects design and artistic expression, the brand H+O, dedicated to surface design, exhibitions and multidisciplinary installations and an apartment gallery located in the historic Brera district of Milan.

Since 2016 she has been teaching at the IUAV University of Venice in the “Interactive Media for Interior Design” Master’s course. Among the directions that she has recently impressed on her work lies a renovated interest for visual arts and multimedia’s potential linguistics.

Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company specialising in natural stone, drawing on the very best of Made in Italy values and cutting-edge engineering and technological know-how, fusing old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Since 1946, Salvatori has worked closely with architects, designers and builders to provide not only practical support, but also inspiring new ways to work with stone which often challenge traditional thinking.

Whilst many of their products are the result of partnerships with internationally noted designers, what lies at the heart of all they do is a deep-rooted passion and respect for the inherent beauty of natural stone, and its defining characteristic: that no two pieces can ever be identical, meaning that every single product has its own unique history.

Salvatori’ head office is in Northern Tuscany, four kilometres from the coast and less than 30 minutes from the imposing quarries which are home to the famed Carrara marble. Every product is produced locally.

Innovation is entrenched in the DNA of the company. As early as in 1950 ,founder Guido Salvatori invented the Spaccatello finish, and the next generations continued this innovative story. Almost every machine used to create the exclusive textures for which they are known was invented by the now CEO Gabriele Salvatori and his father Alfredo.