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88862 Printworks PLAY Pick up sticks
88862 Printworks PLAY Pick up sticks
88862 Printworks PLAY Pick up sticks
88862 Printworks PLAY Pick up sticks

Printworks • PLAY

Pick up sticks

FSC, acid free 40% paper 60% wood.

REF. 88862

W.22 x H.4,5 x D.5cm


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With a unique palette and distinct graphics, this Pick Up Sticks game includes 41 wooden sticks and easy to read instructions. Recommended for up to four players and ages 4+.

This game provides the perfect interior detail in every stylish home. Fun games are not meant to be hidden away in a drawer, instead, get one that looks equally good played or displayed.

Printworks was founded in Sweden with the simple ambition of creating functional everyday products with a new aesthetic twist to make them better suited for our modern life.

People of this time are striving to bring individuality and authenticity into their homes. Printworks thoughtful choice of colors, material, and typography make their products relevant for this new way of living.

Its goal is that functional products such as board games, photo albums, puzzles, etc. – objects which have previously been hidden away when not in use – should be so aesthetically pleasing that people want to have them out in their home all the time. Even when a Printworks product is not used, it can remain on display in and add a special touch to any interior.

The nostalgia of solving a puzzle together with the spouse, play a classic board game with the kids or gather around one of Printworks's popular culture memory games as an after-dinner activity with friends.