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89742 Cassina EDISON Table

Cassina • EDISON


Structure in steel tube. 15mm thick tempered float glass top. Desinged by Vico Magistretti . Cassina edition.

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REF. 89742

W.150 x H.74 x D.150cm

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Inspired by the concept of "ready-made", Edison is the table Vico Magistretti designed in 1985 as a tribute to the elegance of industrial design, expressed through the special system of cross-shaped joints used to connect the pipes for gas lamps. 

A system borrowed by the architect to create the load-bearing structure for the table. Depending on the shape of the table top, the structure changes configuration in order to support the glass, material of choice because it allows the joint system to be visible. Edison is the table Magistretti preferred for the dining room in his own home in Milan and that Cassina relaunches with square, rectangular or round top.

In 1920, Magistretti was born in Milan, where he also completed his architecture degree in 1945, marking the onset of his extensive career in architecture, town planning, and industrial design. His initial acclaim arrived in 1948 with the Gran Premio at the 8th Triennale, followed by nearly forty years of accolades spanning various countries and sectors. 

Teaching across several architectural and design institutions globally, from Milan to New York, Paris, and particularly devoted to London where he became an "Honorary Fellow" at the Royal College of Art in 1983. His designed furniture, lamps, and objects have garnered global presence, exhibited in prestigious design museums and retained in their permanent collections. Magistretti’s research has been continuous - into design, the culture of the project and innovative experimentation with materials and space solutions, not to mention shapes and functions.

His collaboration with Cassina began in 1960, marking the start of his prolific product designs. Notably, his creations like the Maralunga sofa (1973) and the Nuvola Rossa bookcase (1977) remain international best-sellers, unmatched by countless imitations that failed to replicate the originals' success.

Established in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda, near Milan, Cassina launched industrial design in Italy in the 1950s, based on a totally innovative approach that marked the transition from artisan production to mass production. Throughout its history, Cassina has been a melting pot of design luminaries. In the 1950s, it forged an iconic partnership with architects like Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand, creating legendary pieces such as the LC1 Sling Chair and LC2 Grand Confort sofa. These collaborations revolutionized furniture design, emphasizing form and function in equal measure.

One of Cassina's remarkable aspects is its ability to transcend eras. The brand's reissues of iconic designs retain their original essence while adapting to modern sensibilities, appealing to new generations of design enthusiasts. This blend of heritage and contemporary relevance is exemplified in pieces like the LC4 Chaise Longue, a timeless icon of comfort and style. Cassina's collaborations extend beyond mid-century architects. It has partnered with contemporary designers like Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, and Jaime Hayon, infusing fresh perspectives into its collections. These collaborations merge diverse design philosophies, resulting in eclectic yet harmonious pieces that resonate with a broad audience.

In the present design landscape, Cassina stands as a bastion of innovation and heritage, continuously pushing boundaries while honoring its rich legacy. Its commitment to craftsmanship, combined with a forward-thinking approach, ensures its relevance and enduring influence in the ever-evolving world of design.