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89973 Stoff Nagel FLOOR STAND Floor stand
89973 Stoff Nagel FLOOR STAND Floor stand
89973 Stoff Nagel FLOOR STAND Floor stand
89973 Stoff Nagel FLOOR STAND Floor stand

Stoff Nagel • FLOOR STAND

Floor stand

Zinc alloy with nickel plating.

REF. 89973

Diam.25 x H.70cm

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Once again STOFF Nagel is reissuing a classic design piece from the 1960s. After decades out of production, the STOFF Nagel floor stand is now making its entrance into the sculptural design universe.

Holding the same design language and aesthetics as the iconic candle holder the floor stand compliments and elevates your STOFF Nagel candle holder collection into a signature object effortlessly complimenting any space.

The floor stand expands the possibilities of the STOFF Nagel candle holder to not only limit itself to flat surfaces, but to embrace a more extravagant and diverse décor. Build up your sculpture from the base of the floor stand with as many candle holders as you wish. 

STOFF Nagel is a Danish design brand founded in 2015 and known for the relaunch of the iconic STOFF Nagel candle holder. 

The classic piece was launched using Werner Stoff’s original drawings and since then more designs from the 60’s design era has been revived.

Today the collection consists of the STOFF Nagel vase, bowl, stand, glass base and exclusive candles.

The functional design touches the Scandinavian minimalism and the stackable approach allows you to combine and create individual sculptures by an infinite of modules.

The iconic design is considered a work of art – a personal statement with artistic freedom ready to assume the shape of its owner’s unique creativity.