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90319 WEAVE LEGACY N.01 Rug 250x350cm


Rug 250x350cm

90% wool and 10% cotton. Hand woven rug.

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This rug is the result of the skill and dedication of specialised artisans. Hand-woven with 90 per cent New Zealand wool and 10 per cent cotton using a traditional loom, each thread is carefully interwoven, resulting in a harmonious union between the vertical and horizontal wefts. This meticulous weaving process not only guarantees its characteristic texture but also its durability.

Wool from New Zealand has special characteristics due to its unique environmental conditions and the strict rules under which sheep are raised, grazing outdoors. Thus, New Zealand wool fibres are naturally strong and resilient, which increases the carpet's resistance, and have an exceptional shine, giving it a sophisticated look. In addition, wool is known for its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties and its thermal comfort. Cotton, on the other hand, provides strength and flexibility, preserving the shape of the carpet.