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91204 Serax VIRGINIA Table
91204 Serax VIRGINIA Table
91204 Serax VIRGINIA Table
91204 Serax VIRGINIA Table



Base and top in darkened oak. Designed by Marie Michielssen.

REF. 91204

Diam.180 x H.74cm

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Marie Michielssen enjoys working with natural, tactile materials such as plaster and papier-mâché. For a long time, she had wanted to do something with wood, a warm material that was literally not so easy to handle and thus posed a challenge for her. The result is an impressive table with a solid oak top. 

Tha artist’s sculptures were the starting point. Two curved elements merge to form the central table leg covered with wood veneer. There is a recurring theme in Marie’s work; the incorporation of masculine versus feminine, which she has also incorporated. The legs cab be looked at from two perspectives: on one side, the perfect symmetry between the two elements, which is rather the masculine one; on the other side the flowing, curved lines, which represents the feminine aspect. Together they form a harmonious whole.

And finally, the large round top was important to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the house.

Designer Marie Michielssen has been an established member of the in-house design team at Serax for over 20 years. She has created countless designs inspired by and intended for everyday life. Her designs have a strong focus on functionality, but because she only works with materials that have ‘soul’, this is in no way at the expense of the aesthetic of her work as each and every one of her designs clearly shows. Marie designs two collections a year for Serax.

‘I often make my “prototypes”, the draft versions of my pieces, from the leftover materials we throw away at Serax. That means I get to work with many different materials and can experiment to my heart’s content. Also, I’ve always had a fascination for paper. As a child, I loved drawing on paper, a love that grew even stronger later, during my degree course in graphic design – we only ever worked on paper in our classes, never digitally. What’s more, you can manipulate paper the way you want; you are the one who determines what the end product will look like and you are not dependent on an instrument to transform the material. Paper is recyclable and a neutral canvas for any paint colour. A seemingly everyday material, and yet, to me, it’s certainly not dull or lacking in variety.’

Serax is more than a brand; it's a true global institution rooted in Belgium. A commitment to sustainable growth has transformed Serax into a benchmark for production quality and specialized know-how. Founded by siblings Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche in 1986, Serax continues today under Axel's leadership.

Serax provides designers with the opportunity to develop their ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing with contemporary sensibility. Despite their different perspectives, their visions are united by Serax's mission to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Their extensive family of collaborators includes prominent names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Kelly Wearstler, Marie Michielssen, among others, while also seeking out new talent, promoting a healthy diversity of perspectives.

Serax's dedication to innovation and quality extends to its collaboration with exceptional artisans, pushing the limits of traditional materials in remarkable collections of tableware, furniture, lighting, and home accessories.