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91210 Serax BOHO Chair
91210 Serax BOHO Chair
91210 Serax BOHO Chair
91210 Serax BOHO Chair
91210 Serax BOHO Chair
91210 Serax BOHO Chair

Serax • BOHO


Beech structure. Designed by Ann Demeulemeester.

REF. 91210

W.46 x H.69 x D.48cm

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A solid form.

This sculptural chair has a substantial yet graceful presence. The geometry of a cylinder is sliced to create a round seat, with a rounded back that rises to 69 centimetres and extends out to form two small arms along the top edge.

The seat is supported by a single plane at a 45-degree angle to the back, creating a vertical rhythm that contrasts with the horizontal circles of the seat and back.

Ann Demeulemeester was an instrumental member of the Antwerp Six designers, who stormed London fashion week in 1986, changing the international reputation of Belgian design, and ultimately shaping the industry's landscape and inspiring future generations of designers to think outside the box and pursue their creative visions. Demeulemeester's fashion label is known for her elegant tailoring and dark yet glamorous aesthetic. Stepping away from fashion in 2013, she delved into new creative realms, including sculpture and ceramics.

Since 2019 Demeulemeester has been collaborating with Serax to produce collections of porcelain, cutlery and glassware. This was followed by a range of lighting and luminous objects. In September 2022 they released a comprehensive furniture collection of stools, chairs, tables, consoles, seats and sofas in a variety of materials.

Ann Demeulemeester embodies an intelligent approach to design, transcending trends with a deeply personal and contextually relevant ethos. Thanks to its integrity and fierce independence, her work is continually evolving, while being deeply personal. In essence, Demeulemeester’s work continues to explore and celebrate contrasts – a beauty that is found in the interplay between strength and fragility, structure and nonchalance, poetic and radical, preciousness and functionality.

Serax is more than a brand; it's a true global institution rooted in Belgium. A commitment to sustainable growth has transformed Serax into a benchmark for production quality and specialized know-how. Founded by siblings Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche in 1986, Serax continues today under Axel's leadership.

Serax provides designers with the opportunity to develop their ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing with contemporary sensibility. Despite their different perspectives, their visions are united by Serax's mission to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Their extensive family of collaborators includes prominent names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Kelly Wearstler, Marie Michielssen, among others, while also seeking out new talent, promoting a healthy diversity of perspectives.

Serax's dedication to innovation and quality extends to its collaboration with exceptional artisans, pushing the limits of traditional materials in remarkable collections of tableware, furniture, lighting, and home accessories.