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91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp
91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp
91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp
91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp
91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp
91212 Serax IXELLES Table lamp


Table lamp

Concrete structure. Designed by Patrick Paris. Integrated LED 5W light source.

REF. 91212

W.16 x H.50,5 x D.15cm

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The designer’s penchant for geometric design manifests itself more than ever in this lamp, in which the designer explored new radical lines. The minimalist result is a lamp with an almost sculpture-like presence, but without compromising functionality.

The choice of name was not random. The lamp was named Ixelles as an homage to the Brussels quarter where the designer lived while sketching the first drafts of the lamp. But it also aptly captures the lamp’s physical appearance: with the letters X and L revealed depending on its positioning.

The designer aimed to create indirect lighting, while at the same time drawing attention to the material. By pivoting the movable part, you can play endlessly with light and reflection on the concrete.

Patrick Paris is completely self-educated as a designer, and according to him this is precisely one of the aspects that give his work such characteristic individuality. A second element is his passion for concrete, so heavy, yet still fragile, so cold, yet also very delicate and so unlikely.

Experimenting with the shades of colour and the effects of the material, Patrick creates surprising, enigmatic objects that do not always reveal their primary function at first glance. They are objects that challenge their original purpose with absurd ergonomics or with their surprising forms. Together with Serax, Patrick Paris aims to evince a bit of austerity for a world totally obsessed with comfort. 

Serax is more than a brand; it's a true global institution rooted in Belgium. A commitment to sustainable growth has transformed Serax into a benchmark for production quality and specialized know-how. Founded by siblings Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche in 1986, Serax continues today under Axel's leadership.

Serax provides designers with the opportunity to develop their ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing with contemporary sensibility. Despite their different perspectives, their visions are united by Serax's mission to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Their extensive family of collaborators includes prominent names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Kelly Wearstler, Marie Michielssen, among others, while also seeking out new talent, promoting a healthy diversity of perspectives.

Serax's dedication to innovation and quality extends to its collaboration with exceptional artisans, pushing the limits of traditional materials in remarkable collections of tableware, furniture, lighting, and home accessories.