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91401 Serax ACHILLE Table lamp
91401 Serax ACHILLE Table lamp
91401 Serax ACHILLE Table lamp
91401 Serax ACHILLE Table lamp


Table lamp

Steel structure. Designed by Antonino Sciortino. E27 bulb max.5W, not included.

REF. 91401

W.27 x H.44 x D.21cm

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The Sicilian art smith and designer Antonino Sciortino draws his designs from his own memories or finds inspiration in the rich history of his native region. Concurrently, Sciortino is always seeking a new touch to intrigue the user.

In the Achille lamp, the use of overlapping metal plates like an old helmet creates a mysterious light source that plays with light and shadow.

“The old patina of the Achille attracts without distracting attention from the shape, the true protagonist of my designs.” - Antonino Sciortino

At a young age, Antonino Sciortino was often found at his brother’s forge, where he was immersed in the craft of ironwork. He spent the rest of his free time at the dance school, where he would lay the foundations for a successful career as a dancer and choreographer. In 2003 he was approaching his forties and his body was increasingly sending signals that it was time to think of a life away from dancing. 

Time to go back to his roots, back to iron. He moved to Milan, where he started working with iron wire, because it was easy to work with. He manipulated it in a crescendo of graceful, dancing lines into true masterpieces. In addition to his artwork, Antonino also creates interior objects and furniture, created with a recognisable eclectic craftsmanship and with the unmistaken signature of this creative and imaginative Sicilian.

For Serax, he has designed an exclusive collection for a wider market. These pieces adapt perfectly to a wide range of interiors, thanks to their pure shapes and vintage look and colour finish.

Serax is more than a brand; it's a true global institution rooted in Belgium. A commitment to sustainable growth has transformed Serax into a benchmark for production quality and specialized know-how. Founded by siblings Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche in 1986, Serax continues today under Axel's leadership.

Serax provides designers with the opportunity to develop their ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing with contemporary sensibility. Despite their different perspectives, their visions are united by Serax's mission to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Their extensive family of collaborators includes prominent names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Kelly Wearstler, Marie Michielssen, among others, while also seeking out new talent, promoting a healthy diversity of perspectives.

Serax's dedication to innovation and quality extends to its collaboration with exceptional artisans, pushing the limits of traditional materials in remarkable collections of tableware, furniture, lighting, and home accessories.