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Paper Collective SHAPERALITO Poster

Paper Collective • SHAPERALITO


200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper. Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.

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This art print is inspired by fashion and a contemporary vibe.

The combination between classic painting and digital tools makes the paintings full of expression and contrast.

Peytil is a Stockholm based art project founded by the designer and illustrator Eitil Thorén Due. Due grew up in a family of artists, his mother is a sculptor and his father is a painter, and was encouraged from an early age to experiment and follow his own path.

After working for several years as a fashion designer, Due wanted to create another outlet for his creativity, less restrictive than commercial fashion. His desire to paint and work whenever and wherever he wanted made him rent a studio and buy a large format inkjet printer, creating the Peytil project.

His work reflects a graffiti-like spontaneity with focus on fashion illustrations and urban portraits, showing a minimalist approach to art and design in the spontaneous expression of the simple black line.

Based in Copenhagen, Paper Collective brings together designers, artists and illustrators to create limited editions of iconic and inspirational prints, becoming a leading brand in the execution of artistic prints.

With sustainability as one of its commitments, it uses only high quality materials with the FSC (Forest Management Council) mark and Nordic Swan certification, the official sustainability eco-label of the Nordic countries.