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House in Estrela

In a typical street in Bairro da Estrela, in Lisbon, we can find the bare façade of “Casa na Estrela”, highlighted by the contrast with the ornate and colorful buildings that surround it.

“Casa na Estrela” is “a reinterpretation of traditional housing made entirely, inside and out, in exposed concrete”, in the words of the architect Manuel Aires Mateus, author of the project.

Located on one of the city's hills, with Basilica da Estrela to the west, its terrace offers a unique view of the Tagus through a sculptural opening produced by a cylindrical intersection.

The house was designed with the aim of facilitating the independence of the different generations that live in it. Two independent circuits, that alternate between the interior and the exterior, create the necessary privacy for all its inhabitants.

Atelier, studio, workshop. Workplace, place of experimentation and creation. Refuge of imagination and ingenuity.

The textures, the geometric shapes, the materialisation of volumes that it allows to make, elevate concrete to noble matter of architecture.